I am a stay-at-home stepmother of two gorgeous children.  Seriously, they are beautiful, both inside and out.

I am a wife, a daughter, a friend.  I am Southern, and thus, for better or for worse, I am a people-pleaser.  I am a lover of college football.  I never met a happy hour that I did not like.  I love to own high heels, but I hate to wear them.  I am the girl who feels insecure in a group of women, yet I’ll be the first one on the dance floor.  I have no shame whatsoever.

I am a Mama’s girl; a lover of small moments and “happies”.  I feel most at peace in the water.

I am nervous.  I worry.  Much to my Mama’s chagrin, I still pick at the skin on the sides of my nails.  Sometimes I eat my feelings.

I am an organized, multi-tasker.  I run my house, and I believe I run it well.

I send texts the length of novels.  I don’t know how not to.

I am funny, but I always feel that I am not quite funny enough.  I can be naive.  Up until recently I actually thought that TED talks was a online talk show hosted by someone named Ted.

I am joyous.  I am spiritual.  I am giddy.  I can be downright silly.  I love to laugh.  I love to cry.  I am tenderhearted.

I am intelligent, yet lately feel like my only contributions to adult conversations are tales of the kiddos or a PSA of the latest sales at Costco.

I am still wondering who I want to be when I grow up.

I love my kids.  I love my husband.  I love my life.  But I sometimes feel lonely.  I have embarked upon this new journey, and I have yet to make any friends a long the way.  So I am hoping that this blog sparks a conversation.

I am Southern splendid and beautifully blended.

I am the StepMama.